About Us

BetweenSpaces ® is an architecture and interior design firm founded by Divya Ethirajan and Pramoad Jaiswall in 2010.

We look at architecture as an introspective act. When we construct something, we build a part of ourselves in the process and so we have realized that our work gets hugely influenced by our own personality or by the people we design for.

The practice has a firm belief in designing spaces that seem effortless, natural and purposeful. Our work seeks to bring a sense of calmness in clamour that otherwise we experience in our daily life. We seek to bring joy and happiness in the lives of people living in and around our work.

In all our work, we try to derive a very intimate relationship with the sun, the soil and people. We are more concerned about appropriate scale, materiality, the place and certain rigour in the architectural expression than in the wasteful use of geometry and forms. Our interest lies in this rigour and a rational in a project that comes from a rich layering of social, economic, physical and cultural context in which we build.

We look at Interior Design and Landscape as a natural extension and an integral part of any built environment.

We like architecture that is unassuming, has a sense of composure and quietude to it and brings a sense of optimism. We envisage to design buildings that are deeply rooted in the time, place and context it is built in but has a contemporary expression.

Divya Ethirajan                 

Bachelor of Architecture

Divya Ethirajan is the Founding Partner and Principal Architect. She graduated from R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore.

Her Architectural Thesis on Rejuvenation of Russell Market, Bangalore, won all India best thesis award in 2007 at National Institute of Advanced Studies in Architecture (NIASA). Divya has interned with Arya Architects in Ahmedabad and continued working there post her graduation and thereafter with Hundredhands from 2006 to 2010. During this time she got to work on residential, commercial, hospitality and several award winning competition projects. In 2010, she teamed up with Pramod Jaiswal to start BetweenSpaces.

Her keen sense of punctuality, simplicity and immense patience has been instrumental in developing the ethos of the practice. You will always find her smiling but don’t get deceived by her silence or her smiles because she is listening to every word you speak, processing it and working on the design solution. She is a multi-tasker.

Get in touch with her at divya@betweenspaces.co.in .

Pramoad Jaiswall

Bachelor of Architecture 

Pramoad Jaiswall is the Founding Partner and Principal Architect of BetweenSpaces. Born in Kolkata, the city of joy, Pramod graduated from Bangalore Institute of Technology, Bangalore. Thereafter, he trained under Ar. V.K. Giridhar and worked with Hundredhands from 2005 to 2011. At Hundredhands, he had worked on some of the award-winning projects. The office gave him the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects from hospitality, residential, institutional, offices to a few competition projects. During his six years stint at Hundredhands, Pramoad had developed a knack for solving problems. He is analytical, rigorous and pushes the practice’s ethos to envision design solutions that are not only practical and functional but also innovative and aesthetically pleasing.

Pramoad has been lecturing at different schools of Architecture in Bangalore since 2010. Academia has helped him in integrating theory into his practice. He respects complexities and detests complications. With a keen sense of detailing, he is always exploring an idiom that makes Architecture expressive, meaningful, and sensitive to its context. 

Get in touch with him at pramoadjaiswall@betweenspaces.co.in .