BetweenSpaces has a strong multidisciplinary team of young and energetic architects and interior designers from various backgrounds and experiences. We work very closely with a highly skilled and talented network of engineers and consultants welcoming new insights that can lead to specific innovative solutions. The studio believes strongly in design as a process with an intensive dialogue between clients, consultants and designers.

yash Singhi Between Spaces


Hailing from a household of textile designers and traders my affection towards textures, patterns and colours is quite deep rooted. Fine Arts had been an integral part of my formative years both as a hobby and schooling curriculum. This affection for the subject evolved maturely over time and landed me in an architecture studio. The beauty of how art can be manifested through the built environment never ceases to amaze me. During my undergraduate course at Dayananda Sagar College of Architecture, I expanded my knowledge base from just the aesthetics that intrigued me to understanding the pragmatic and utilitarian nature of the field. 

Prior to Betweenspaces I had interned at 2PKM Architects in Mangalore. I had the opportunity to be a part of plenty of site visits and understand the synergy between what goes on sheets to its implementation on ground. 

Apart from art and architecture, I am actively involved in sport activities like swimming, cricket and badminton. Trekking and travelling are my other interests.  

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NAVEEN KUMAR M Between Spaces


Coming from a small town of Erode, I have built my passion towards architecture gradually from CMR University where I graduated and then I did my internship at Mathew and Ghosh which further cultivated my desire of being an architect. The basic sense of space, light and geometry inclined my interest towards the field where every single day would be a new task to solve and learn.

My childhood had been mostly under cemented roofs and on half-laid floorings since my father often used to take me to constructions site. Always in awe of the amalgamation of the bricks and cement mortar and the way they take the shape to evolve into a beautiful form. I always had a fascination with paper to real site transformation of buildings.

My interests lie in travelling and exploring new horizons around us which have given me a lot of memories and stories to tell.

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NADEEM F - the between spaces team


As an architect from Bangalore’s lush surroundings, I saw it go from green gardens to a concrete expanse, progressively pulling away from the natural world. I was fascinated by the significant influence architects have on the development of our cities; in particular, Frank Lloyd Wright’s Falling Water encouraged me to reconsider how man-made surroundings interact with the natural world. Its organic design ideas pushed me to go beyond accepted conventions in architecture and investigate fresh approaches to integrating buildings into their environments. I started my adventure into architecture.   

Having recently graduated from BMS College of Architecture, I firmly believe in the value of site-specific design, the efficacy of minimalism, and the necessity of creating environments that improve the human experience. It acts as a continual reminder that building is not just about creating buildings, but about shaping environments that inspire, uplift, and endure.

 Aside from architecture, I enjoy playing video games and traveling.

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between spaces team - Huzaifa Naaz


My journey into architecture began with a love for travel, where I discovered a deep fascination for old monuments. These awe-inspiring structures sparked a passion within me, leading me to pursue a career in architecture.

Upon graduating from Dayananda Sagar University, i embarked on a journey, enhancing my skills and refining my craft during an internship opportunity at MayaPraxis. While interning there, i gathered valuable lessons, learning not just the technicalities of the field but also the influence of architecture on both communities and individuals. 

Away from the drafting table, my interests extend to the animal realm, where I seek comfort and happiness in the presence of my two feline companions.

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