Studio Geethica Naidu

An art studio for a textile designer based out of Bengaluru. Geethica Naidu is an ardent material explorer, an admirer of hand-crafted products and a practitioner of art. 

With a modest brief to start with, we first articulated a program that would do justice to her diversified interests. The main objective was to have a central large double height space that could display the handlooms and allow visitors to indulge in the craft of weaving. The ancillary spaces to these are the entrance lounge, a studio space that could be used for future employees and a gym on the ground floor. The upper level branched out to the client’s office/workspace and a gallery space that would exhibit her paintings. These indoor functions are well balanced out with a front and rear deck space that enables the users to step out and draw inspiration from the exteriors as well.

The built form is visualized as two main volumes at the ground level with a larger volume resting over them. The domestic space created by these volumes are solidly protected with masonry and a rubble stone cladding in an attempt to reinterpret the essence of traditional Spanish architecture. The integration of sleek metal doors, wooden windows and form finished concrete slabs to the earthy material palette further elevated the sense of harmony. White washed walls for the interiors neutralised the warmth of the exterior and created focus for the exhibits.

The entry to the building is dominated by a single free-standing form finished wall with a raised landscape bed and a water body along the stairs. A grand cantilevered form finished slab sits over this entrance with its support from circular steel columns below. Another unique addition to the building is the use of skylights that would create different qualities of experiences for those within over time. They are spaced coherently throughout the roof profile bringing in a lot of natural diffused light into the double height weaving space and the gallery on the first floor. As for the exteriors the tropical plants with large leaves and flowering shrubs   

This atelier was pictured as an edifice that will leave behind a lasting impression with its bold usage of materials and thoughtful use of volumes.

Project TypeCommercial
ClientGeethica Naidu
Project StatusCompleted – 2024
Plot Area11,195 sq.ft
Built-up Area5,310 sq.ft
Structural EngineerS. R. Shankar
TeamPramod Jaiswal, Divya Ethirajan, Yash Singhi