Government HPS, Bevinamara Colony

The Government Higher Primary School (HPS) in Bevinamara Colony, serving as an institutional facility, is an extension of an existing government school located in Kannamangala. The new structure draws significant inspiration from the site profile and the presence of a gail pipeline traversing the site.

Conceptual Diagram

After careful consideration of setback requirements and adhering to relevant guidelines, a modest land parcel spanning approximately 5200 sq.ft was selected for the construction of the proposed building.

The envisioned structure, designated for use as a higher primary school, encompasses grades 6th through 8th, distributed across three floors with provisions for future expansion by an additional floor. The ground level incorporates essential facilities, including the headmaster’s room, staff room, computer and science laboratories, staff toilets, sick bay, and provision for individuals with physical disabilities. The upper floors are designed to house three classrooms each, accompanied by dedicated toilet spaces. In an effort to improve vertical connectivity within the building, a lift has also been added.

The architectural layout revolves around a central courtyard, which transforms into a skylight on the terrace floor, flooding the space with natural light. The cut-out design in upper floors fosters visual connectivity between different areas. Significantly, the placement of the staircase is strategically aligned with the front façade, aligning with the pipeline that runs across the site. The entire design philosophy is rooted in a thoughtful understanding of the user group, particularly children, with a focus on tailoring the building to meet their distinct needs and enhance their overall experiences within the space. This intentional design integration ensures a harmonious relationship between the architectural elements and the unique features of the surrounding environment.

Project TypeEducational
LocationBevinamara Colony, Bengaluru  
ClientGovernment HPS, Bevinamara Colony
Project StatusOngoing
Plot Area5200 sq. ft
Built-up Area 9200 sft
Structural ConsultantsEco Consultants
ContractorsNithin Constructions
TeamDivya Ethirajan, Pramod Jaiswal, Huzaifa Naaz, Naveen Kumar